Williamsport Bicycle Recycle is a nonprofit volunteer workshop that operates a neighborhood facility to teach and assist hands-on bike repair and sell refurbished bicycles at reasonable prices. Through their love of bike riding and community, David and Louisa Stone founded the nonprofit in 2012, creating an affordable and interactive way for others to become part of their bike community.
Nonprofits often maximize limited resources to focus on their primary goals, objectives, and overall success. Brand Identity and marketing are powerful tools; however, they are often too costly and inaccessible. To aid in Williamsport Bicycle Recycle’s growth and inspire paths of whom they reach, I will design and create a website and various promotional videos.
The primary target audience for promoting sales and services will be Lycoming County residents, families, and college students, ages 20-45 with low to medium-income. The target audience is expanded to Lycoming County residents and families ages 30-55 with medium- to high-income and relevant organizations in pursuit of encouraging participation and donations.
Brand Film
30-Second Highlight Video
2 Marketing Videos

To independently research, design, and produce, a series of marketing videos and a brand film for Williamsport Bicycle Recycle. 
To gather, learn and understand the story of Williamsport Bicycle Recycle, its founders, and community. 
To visually incorporate Williamsport Bicycle Recycle’s story throughout design and media elements forming a well-aligned brand image and social impact. 
To apply gained knowledge of design, photography, and video and incorporate new techniques into brand identity representation, marketing, and storytelling media. 
To understand, interpret and make purposeful decisions in regards to peer and instructor critique. 
To produce cohesive and successful marketing and brand deliverables that provide a practical social impact with great attention to detail.