The Penn College community stepped into the unknown as the 2020 Fall Semester began. Specializing in hands-on learning, Penn College worked through considerable challenges to return students to a safe in-person learning environment. To continue this education model, the community depended on individual responsibility. Rules, regulations, and outreach were all communicated from college faculty and officials. I felt that there was a need for outreach and connection on a student level.
Video Concept
Video Production
Video Editing
Social Media
Encourage the practice of safety precautions by bringing Penn College students together. Send a message that although there may be unwanted sacrifices, the student community is called to support one another with one collective goal, a Penn College education.
I proposed a video concept that would highlight the raw feelings of real students and their experiences during the COVID-19 pandemic and masking. With this, I produced a video that communicated Penn College students’ shared reality and experiences and an encouraging message.